Artist: Christopher Niles

Welcome to my website for Blacksmith and Art produced by Christopher Niles (C.) I am a busy man with 2 kids and a loving wife. Being a Gemini, and artistic, my wife often says she has to hold on to be able to keep up. I can not get enough of learning and am always expanding my skills as time permits.


Work Experience:

I have developed a wide variety of skills in the last 20+ years working

in IT & Graphic Art industries.  I am an experienced corporate

IT Specialist and spent over 10 years managing 400+ computers

and 12 servers.  I also spent 5 years as a Brand Manager of a

large organization managing all brand and graphics standards for

5 facilities ensuring that the company looks consistent inside and out.


For the last 10 years I have been working with my mother running

our own company, Nessis Inc., doing visual work instructions. Together we designed

the Nessis VWI software to manage VWI's which is used worldwide in multiple tear 1 facilities.

I currently also volunteer at Pickering Village Museum as the resident blacksmith.

I began oil painting and drawing at the age of 14. I have taken Photography at loyalist Collage and many other art classes over the years.


In my spare time I like to develop my creative side. I love art and all aspects of it from drawing to music etc..  My current areas of focus are: Acrylic Painting, Photography, Life Casting, Iron Art / Blacksmithing. I have shot over 40,000 images of Artistic females from 2009 - 2015 but now I am semi-retired from model shooting. I attend weekly life drawing at the VAC in Bowmanville where I am a member. I am also a member of the Ontario Blacksmiths Assoc.


About Me:

I was born in Belleville Ontario but spent much of my youth in Stirling Ontario. I moved to Whitby / Oshawa area in my early 20's for work. I worked on farms as a teenager which taught me to be a hard worker. I am very goal driven and do not like to procrastinate. I have a love for Jeeps and currently have a 2004 Rubicon lifted and done up. It is my second love. I learned to fabricate with metal from 2009 - 2015 while custom building my race buggy "My Happy Pill".

I hurt my back in 2013 which made it hard to maintain it so i traded it for the 2004 Rubi i have now. I do miss it but i do love being topless on the road in "Gold Digger" (my current Jeep).


I am driven to explore a career in Art even if it does not bring in huge sums of money. I am interested in living a simpler life and retiring early with my wife Kat who has been a godsend to my life. We are converting a 40' school bus to an RV for future travel and exploration. We are also learning about homesteading and this summer we built a vegetable garden and became the parents of 8 chickens :)



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