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History - August 19th

Over the last year I have really become fascinated with history. I did my family tree and have been reading a lot on settlers in early Ontario or (Upper Canada) as it once was in the early 1800's. So I started to do research recently on my anvil and posted it up on and got some fascinating hints on what the broken one I acquired from an old farmer.  Apparently it is a  J.Wilkinson & Sons Queens Dudley from 1830 - 1860 based on the logo used on it. I absolutely love having something so old in my shop. My other anvil is also older from the late 1800's and is an H.Boker (Pre Trenton). It goes to show just how well the tools were built and one more reason for me to love this field.



New Coal Supplier - Aug 8th
Finally found a new supplier for my coal. I can't beleive how hard it is to get these days. My Dad was telling me stories about the coal man that used to come to the house, and how he had to load the coal to the coal bin. I love using it as it burns so clean and lasts a long time.








Blacksmithing finds - August 6th

Find 1: It was a great week for finding items for my shop. Wednesday (Aug 5th 2015) my wife and I went looking at antique shops in and around Bancroft. We came across this little shop down a back road near Bancroft.  When we arrived the store was closed and we were disappointed.  The lady who owned the place waved us down and said she would open up for us. How nice for this to happen as its not a common experience these days. We went in and looked but nothing stuck out so I asked the lady if she had any blacksmithing items. She sighed and said some gentleman had just cleared her out the week before. I was sad... then she mentioned that there was one big item left in the corner. It turned out to be a late 1800's hand crank blower (Royal Western Chief). My jaw dropped because it almost seemed to have a glow around it as if light beamed down from the skies.  So I now own a very large blower for my forge. I also found a fire pot for a forge in one of the other buildings and a cool little hammer so it turned out to be an amazing day!!

Find 2: On our way home on Thursday Aug 6th we decided to stop into one last place called East of Eden. We walked around looked in the old tool shed outside, and in the  church full of antiques. I thought we may be out of luck for what we needed. They had an amazing selection of things there and my wife was utterly impressed with the descriptive labels on everything. I kindly asked the lady at the front desk if she had any blacksmithing items. Apparently my brain was in "lets get home" mode as I completely missed the 2 leg vices. She took us on a tour and showed us some of the old bellows they had and the 2 vices that we had overlooked. I had been searching for a good leg vice for a few months so this was another great find. The price was very reasonable too. I would highly recommend visiting this place if you are on hwy 28 between Lakefield and Apsley.


July 25th 2015

New Company Truck

Well I wasn't planning on getting a new truck... it just sort of happened :)

I had just finished doing the branding for CIRON Art and as you can see the colours are orange and black like fire. I received a letter from my local Dodge dealer offering trade up opportunities. I took in my older red 1500 and received a really high return for it. I talked to my wife and we decided that we like to have a new vehicle if we can get this limited edition Dodge Ram as it (1) matched the new brand and (2) it's loaded inside and out.

We wanted a nice vehicle this time as the last one was basic and we just got it to tow my old buggy. Welcome into the Niles / CIRON Art family (Tang)!

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